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Vintage Stocking

" The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hope that St. Nicholas will soon be there"...

Stockings have always held a special place. They hold treats that never end, and lure us to delve into the depths of its toe. Stockings are indeed a special symbol of the holidays. Vintage stocking was created with just that sentiment, and is sure to become an heirloom for tomorrow.

The full size stocking comes in four variations:- crazy patch stocking with motifs, crazy patch without motifs, single patch with motifs and single patch without motifs. There are seven designs that create this lovely masterpiece. Included in the collection are a set of motifs with border designs, which double as a faux cutwork edge. The collection is sold as a complete set and requires a 5x7 hoop. The stocking measures 18" tall.

The stocking stitches quickly and the motif designs have a variety of possibilities. Happy Holidays! Sadia


Stocking Designs

6.09x4.83 "
13213 stitches

6.11x3.86 "
8045 stitches

6.66x3.86 "
8476 stitches

6.31x4.59 "
8383 stitches

5.70x4.81 "
11054 stitches

5.44x4.80 "
10986 stitches

6.40x3.86 "
9396 stitches

6.09x4.83 "
11994 stitches

6.11x3.86 "
7684 stitches

6.66x3.86 "
8179 stitches

6.31x4.59 "
8050 stitches

5.70x4.81 "
10334 stitches

5.44x4.80 "
10263 stitches

6.40x3.86 "
9066 stitches

5.85x4.78 "
8393 stitches

6.11x3.86 "
5683 stitches

6.66x3.86 "
5996 stitches

6.31x4.59 "
6632 stitches

5.70x4.81 "
7663 stitches

5.44x4.80 "
8061 stitches

6.40x3.86 "
6221 stitches

6.09x4.82 "
7438 stitches

6.11x3.86 "
5322 stitches

6.66x3.86 "
5701 stitches

6.31x4.59 "
6305 stitches

5.70x4.81 "
6944 stitches

5.44x4.80 "
7334 stitches

6.40x3.86 "
5895 stitches

Motif Designs

2.15x2.38 "
1312 stitches

1.34x1.41 "
773 stitches

1.52x0.95 "
630 stitches

3.02x1.76 "
1845 stitches

1544 stitches

4.23x4.49 "
2929 stitches

1.35x1.31 "
609 stitches

1.59x1.83 "
1301 stitches

5.79x1.74 "
4425 stitches

3.83x2.41 "
2729 stitches

6.98x2.60 "
7237 stitches

6.98x3.18 "
6099 stitches

6.98x2.60 "
2195 stitches

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Vintage Stocking Projects
Single fabric stocking, using the mono-color scheme, with a cuff.
Crazy patchwork stocking, with motifs.
Single fabric, mono-color, stocking with motifs and cuff.

Placemat from a border design using the faux cutwork edge technique

Tree skirt from the border design (tree skirt instructions are included in the PDF)

Round doily using motif and border designs

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