Suite Lessons
  by Sadia Andrews

Welcome! Here you will find some silent videos with text explaining some of the new features of Embird Studio and Embird 2004.

Simply click on the hyperlink to download the video. You will need to unzip the downloaded zipped file. Make sure that your unzip has an html and swf extension files. These files must be in the same folder. Click on the html extension file to run the video. With the new internet security settings you may get a warning box that some pop-ups were blocked. Simply unblock the popups to view the video. You may also view the swf extension in your real player or media player. You can also download a free shockwave player here:

Instructions for viewing the videos:

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5. If you are on AOL, and have the swf viewer then open the viewer and find the swf extension file to view video.

I will be uploading more videos pertaining to the new Embird and Embird Suite and some of its features.

New Features-Embird/Studio


Sketch feature in Studio


Outline Parameters


Converting an outline to a border


Converting an outline to a column


Converting a column/border to an outline


Fill Effects


Creating a jump connector


Slice Feature


Creating a Clock using Font Engine


Creating a calendar using Font Engine


Using Cross Stitch plug-in- importing and creating a design


Multi-Line Text


Vector Generated designs in Embird Manager Lesson 1

WMF generated design in Studio 1

Download WMF file


One method of eliminating jumps and trims in Embird Editor

Special lesson for Innovis and Elegante machine owners.


Studio -Version 3-Build 6 New Features

Design Menu-Border feature

Only in pdf format



Please note that these lessons are a quick guide to understanding some of the features of Embird 2004 and its Suite. I will keep on uploading new lessons so please do check back often. These lessons are free for all to use for personal teaching. Please do not use these videos to teach others in class for profit. If these lessons have been helpful to you, please consider making a voluntary donation for continuation of keeping them on my website. This is only voluntary.

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