Embroidery Tutorials:

Here is a listing of various Embroidery tutorials to help friends learn techniques and to share ideas of creating machine embroidered items:

1. Working With Templates

2. Holiday Winebag with Pocket

3. Cutwork cloth

4. Crazy Patchwork

5. Kanta Floral Motif Lace Bowl

6. Applique

7. Creating Lace for Machine Embroidery

8. Creating an heirloom Baby Bonnet with a handkerchief

9. Kanta Lace Doily

10. Vintage Evening Purse

11. Orchid Wall quilt

12. Heirloom Pillow case

13. Guinevere's Dragon-Wall hanging

14.Iris Patch quilt

15. "Robbing Ladies to Pay the Pirates" wall quilt

16. Attaching Freestanding Lace Edgings.