Dogwood Collection

Actual stitchout using cotton threads

Dogwood Collection is a new method of mimic hand embroidery using embroidery machines. This collection has eight designs. Again, these stitch out fast and have few or no jump stitches. These flowers and leaves have an almost dainty and opaque look. Embellish any thing with these to give a hand embroidery look. I tested with both cotton and polyester embroidery threads and have shown pictures of them both. Personally they both look fine. The collection has variable hoop sizes, for the 4x4 hoop and the 5x7 hoop.

Single bud on branch
4x4 hoop


Single bud with leaves
5x7 hoop

Two buds on branch
5x7 hoop

Three buds with leaves
5x7 hoop
Three buds
5x7 hoop
Single bud with double leaves
5x7 hoop
Single bud with vines
4x4 hoop

Single bud
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Actual stitchout using polyester threads

A large design created by combining 1 design 8 times

Dogwood collection consists of 8 designs and is available in:
hus/jef/pes/and vip formats:
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