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Sadia's Designs
Machine Embroidery at its Finest, Creating Heirlooms for Tomorrow!
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About Sadia
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The finest embroideries that were once created lovingly by hand, are now created on home embroidery machines.

Sew, what's new...


Stitch out lovely cross designs (available in 5x7 and 4x4 hoop).

"Flowering Hearts"

Mono-color designs with texture to embellish home decor and wearables! Flowering Hearts are fast stitching motifs with a nostalgic feel, with a modern day twist.


Rumi is a collection of designs that can be stitched alone or as a pattern to create a vintage bell pull. The designs are excellent for embellishing a variety of home decor and garments.

Chained Hearts

Chained Hearts is a collection of fast stitching chain stitch designs, excellent for borders, motifs and quilt blocks. The designs when mirror imaged, create a larger design. Several designs can be joined together to create lavish embroideries.

Zentangle Series:

Bird of Paradise is the first in the series of Zentangle designs. Zentangle designs use motifs and freestyle meandering lines to create a design. Bird of Paradise is a multi-hoop collection for the 5x7 and the 8x8 hoops.

Stained Glass I collection is the first in a series of stained glass quilt blocks.
Spring Bouquet collection has four applique quilt blocks with quilting motif sashing blocks. The collection is a modern day twist of Persian style flowers, with vibrant colors, to enhance your home.
Vintage Linen III is a combination of cutwork, cutwork edge, cutwork insertion with miniature floral embroideries, recapturing the vintage era linen embroideries, with a modern day twist.
Gulshan-e-Ferdos is my rendition of Persian artistry in the form of trapunto applique designs. The designs create a large wall hanging but can also be used for embellishing/creating other items.

Eyelet 1 mimics the Broderie Anglaise form of embroidery, which involves considerable time and effort and depending upon the overall design, can be pretty expensive. Eyelets 1 mimic the technique to create border like designs.

Floral Fantasy” is a twist of the realistic flowers in a fantasy land. The collection has six floral designs, each on a meandering vine, which lends towards blending all six together. Each design can be mirror imaged to create a continuous floral vine.

Continuing with Vintage Laces, Anabelle mimics the beatiful tatting laces. The simple designs are presented as continuous laces, either as insertion, edge or freestanding laces. These laces are an excellent addition towards embellishing home decor and garments.

Special Designs/collections

Analiese is the latest special licensed collection, for Machine embroidery tatting, machine embroidery cutworkthe heirloom enthusiasts. Analiese is a versatile collection of dainty designs in both multi-color and mono-color schemes. The designs vary from embroideries to cutwork and tatted edgings and elements can be combined to create larger designs.
Previously, Lady Jayne was released, which creates heirloom machine embroidery etuisewing accessories usingyour embroidery machine! The collection evokes romantic but practical thoughts of yesteryear with an elaborately embroidered sewing box and matching accessories that will store and protect your scissors, needles, pins, tape measure and threads.